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Emu Park for 2023 and beyond….

When most people think of the Capricorn Coast, Yeppoon instantly springs to mind. Yeppoon is known for its laid-back coastal vibe, white sandy beaches, and the gateway to the Great Keppel Islands.

However, just 15-minutes from Yeppoon as the crow fly’s sits Emu Park. A tiny sleepy town on the Capricorn Coast that also boosts white sandy beaches, an even more laid back lifestyle and swift access to Great Keppel Island.

Emu Park is a quarter of the size of Yeppoon boosting approximately 5000 residents with a 70% owner occupier rate in the town. The median house price in Emu Park given the small sample size sits slightly above Yeppoon at $563,000 and has seen growth rates of 21.2% in the last 12 months.

When you start to bench mark Emu Park against suburbs in Yeppoon such as Pacific Heights that has a median house price of $690,000 and Lammermoor at $750,000 it presents as great value considering you can be only 5 minutes from the beach almost anywhere in Emu Park.

This surge in house price can be attributed to a lack of supply and high demand coming from Southeast Queensland predominately the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast residents chasing affordability. This East Coast chain reaction has also created rental shortages in the area with vacancy rates currently sitting under 1%.

The median house price growth and low vacancy rates has also attracted many investors to this small Capricorn Coast town with the Capricorn Life Buyers Agency office snapping up several investment properties for investors throughout 2022.

In addition, it’s also caught the eye of property developers with a multi-unit complex proposed for Emu Park’s town centre with planned construction to be completed in 2024.

2023 and beyond for Emu Park is largely dependent on what’s likely happen in Yeppoon. If demand continues to remain high in Yeppoon and house prices surge on in 2023, we will start to see this demand spill over into Emu Park. By the end of 2023 it’s likely that the median house price will sit well above $600,000.

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Troyson Bassani

Owner and Head of Research

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