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Case Study – Home Buyers Vikki & Indy

Vikki & Indy are passionate art collectors based in Melbourne. Like many others they were keen to escape the metro lifestyle as they were frustrated with the ongoing COVID lockdowns. They wanted to live in the Central Queensland Region but didn’t really know where to buy exactly. They reached out for some guidance and after connecting with Vikki & Indy and discovering what was important to them, we quickly narrowed down the location to The Range, Rockhampton. An established area with plenty of charm and character homes, it was the perfect fit for two art collectors.

Exact summary of brief sent to clients:

Dear Viki & Indy, 

Thank you for connecting I really enjoyed meeting with you both via zoom and understanding more about this important move in the broader context of your current and future plans.

I have spent further time considering your situation, objectives and requirements and have noted these below. Please take time to review and let me know if I have missed anything. 

I believe you suggested that you were both initially interested in buying in the Central Queensland area as further North you would be more exposed to Natural events such as Cyclones and Insurance Premiums for owning properties in these areas are just so expensive. You mentioned that you would look at purchasing now however renting it for a period before moving into it. What is important to you both is lifestyle you want to be in a location and property that gives you a sense of community and belonging. A coastal based lifestyle is desirable although you will consider a non-coastal property if it ticks all your other buying criteria.  

At present, your brief is as follows:

  • Property will be purchased as principal place of residence however will be rented for a period
  • Location is between Mackay and Bundaberg with coastal living more preferable
  • Ideally low maintenance x 2-bedroom x 2 Baths open plan but has value add potential.
  • Interested in house with direct beach access or water views
  • A home with some character non-cookie cutter (Likes the old Queenslanders)
  • A home with a pool is preferred
  • A property with a twist as well as Eco-friendly
  • Good internet access is vital

Primary suburbs of interest:  

The best property their money can buy between Mackay-Bundaberg

The Purchase

10 Corberry Street, The Range QLD 4701

Asset Selection: This property was listed on realestate.com.au with an ‘offers’ over’ strategy. When this strategy is applied by real estate agents it can leave many unsure about the type of price they should put forward. This seemed to be the case with this listing as the vendor turned down 4 previous offers from other buyers before accepting ours without hesitation.

Offer & Negotiation: Given that we know the agents through our buying network we got to understand what exactly the offers’ over strategy is and how to approach it. Due to our network, we also got an understanding on what the vendors expectation was, and we made an effort to understand his situation and then tailored an offer that turned out to be a win/win scenario for both buyer and seller.

We also discovered that several months later a property just a few doors down sold for $500,000. They made $45,000 in equity/growth in just 4 months.

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