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When I started my Investing and Buyers Agent journey many years ago, I stumbled across a proven formula by renowned property commentator Michael Yardney. What I liked about his 6 stranded Strategic Approach is that it limited your downside risk and maximized your upside potential. To this day our team use his Strategic Approach for buying the outperforming properties in Central Queensland blended in with our on the ground perspective and objective data points.

To ensure we buy a property that will outperform the market averages we use a 6 Stranded Strategic Approach. 

  • We would buy a property that would appeal to owner-occupiers. Not that we plan to sell your property, but because owner-occupiers will buy similar properties pushing up local real estate values. This will be particularly important in the years ahead when the percentage of investors in the market is likely to diminish
  • We would buy a property below its intrinsic value – that’s why we avoid new and off the plan properties which come at a premium price.
  • In an area that has a long history of strong capital growth and stability and that will continue to outperform the averages because of the demographics in the area. This will be an area where more owner-occupiers will want to live because of lifestyle choices and one where the locals will be prepared to, and can afford to, pay a premium price to live because they have higher disposable incomes. In general, these are the more affluent areas in our Regional Towns.
  • We buy properties with a high Land to Asset ratio – this doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of land – just that the land is valuable
  • We would look for a property with a twist  – something unique, or special, different or scarce about the property, and finally
  • We would buy a property where we can manufacture capital growth through refurbishment, renovations or redevelopment rather than waiting for the market to deliver you capital growth.

Each strand represents a way of making money from property and combining all six is a powerful way of putting the odds in your favour. If one strand lets you down, you have two or three others supporting your property’s performance.

Let us help you buy your next investment property in Central Queensland using this 6 Stranded Strategic Approach.

We are Buyers Agents on the ground Servicing Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Yeppoon, Emerald and Agnes Waters.

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