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Noosa Shire, which was once a sleepy seaside town, is now a playground for the mega rich with the median house price virtually tripling over the last 2 decades.

Locations such as Noosa is not only being chosen as a destination purely because of its white sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes but also a preferred location for the mega to preserve and grow their wealth.  

Given what’ happened in Noosa and locations such as Byron Bay over the past two decades it has many opportunistic property buyers asking themselves where is the next Noosa or Byron Bay?

The team at Capricorn Life Buyers Agency believe Airlie Beach has many good characteristics that just might give Noosa a runs for it’s money over the next decade.

Image: Airlie Beach, Whitsunday 

  1. Lifestyle

Airlie Beach has a fraction of Noosa’s population and yet it offers many of the same lifestyle drivers that make it an attractive proponent for home buyers and investors. It’s well positioned for different types of demographics including digital nomads looking to work from home, Retirees looking for a change of pace, home buyers chasing affordability and investors looking for a trendy coastal area to invest. The lifestyle advantages we see it having over Noosa is the ability to Island hop around the Whitsundays and the boating proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Despite the beaches not having surf they are also far less crowded than Noosa which is something that appeals well to downsizers and retirees.

  • Land Availability

Unlike Noosa which has virtually no new land availability, Airlie Beach can cater for a much larger population base over the longer term because of the land availability in the area. The population of Airlie Beach and Whitsunday’s area currently sits around 35,000 approximately 20,000 less residents than Noosa. However, with medium density development potential and the ability for future land release for master planned residential estates it has the land capacity for a population base north of 70,000 residents.

  • Growing Economy

Cairns and Port Douglas have long dominated the domestic and international tourism market for visitors interested in having a Great Barrier Reef experience. Airlie Beach has always come as a second-choice reef and tropical holiday experience however with the announcement of more direct flights with Bonza Airline and many others we expect the tourism market to expand. We then anticipate the tourism market to drive the property market introducing the region to many who may have never considered living in the Whitsundays.

  • Luxury Appeal

Other coastal Queensland locations such as Hervey Bay, Bargara, and Yeppoon have a soft underbelly when it comes to luxury stock and appeal. All these markets rarely have properties that sell above 2 million dollars. The Whitsunday’s on the other hand has many transactions every year above 2 million dollars up to 8 million dollars. So, we believe it’s an area that has luxury appeal for rich Aussies. As more high-net worth transactions take place in the Whitsundays it will continue to position and brand itself as an iconic tropical playground for the rich and this gives it so much upside potential.

Image: Luxury $6 million dollar listing in Airlie Beach 

There are many other quantitative and qualitative characteristics that we will continue to unpack over the coming months about Airlie Beach and its potential to become the next Noosa. Stay tuned for those reoccurring blogs.

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Troyson Bassani

Owner & Head of Research



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