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Our Process

Strategy Building (optional)

Our first step is optional but its designed to understand ‘where you are now’ and ‘where you want to be’. We will ask a series of penetrating questions to understand your current status and determine your financial and lifestyle goals over the next 5, 10 or 15 years. Then devise a strategy on how you can achieve those goals using property as the vehicle.  We understand that every buyer has different risk profiles and financial goals which is why we take time to really capture and understand ‘where you are now’. There are many different strategies out there and it’s our job and duty to find the right one that will get you to ‘where you want to be’.  
During your strategy session you will learn how to :
• buy and hold for capital growth;
• Cash Flow strategies;
• buy below market value;
• mortgagee sales
• develop property (duplexes and townhouses);
• sub-division; and
• renovating;
“You don’t have to live in the major capital cities or other Australian States but you can send your investment dollar there and make it work for you and that is where we can help. If you want to invest locally then by all means we will find you the best property in Central Queensland that will outperform the averages”. – Troyson Bassani Director.  
homebuyers capricorn region
homebuyers capricorn region

Our journey together will look something like this …

first time property investor

1. Brief Building

This is where we want to unpack what your needs and requirements are for the property whether you are a home buyer, investor or developer. We use a robust property checklist to ensure all your ‘must have’s’ are captured. The idea here is to establish what is important to you in terms of price, location, amenities, bedrooms etc. We then collate all the information to formulate a detailed Buyer’s brief for our Agents to begin implementing as per client expectations and timeframes. 
– Establish budget parameters
– Must haves and what’s important to you
– First home, Next Home, Investment or Development Site
buying a house as an investment property

2. Implementing the brief

Here is where we start to sink our teeth into the work and begin implementing the buyers brief. We claw through thousands of listed properties. Through our extensive network of listing agents we also have access to off-market properties as well. Our aim here is to find the ‘right’ property which is why we inspect and compare hundreds of properties that match your strategy or buyers brief.  This is to ensure you are buying the best property your money can buy at the time and get bang for buck.  It is here where we also conduct Due Diligence looking for red flags that could potentially become problematic after you’ve signed the dotted line.  These things are often missed by the untrained eye. We check the land survey, zoning, sewer plan, strata report (if applicable), any easements or covenants on the property, and the fittings and chattels inclusions.
But our research doesn’t stop there. We also look into:
  • the property’s sales history;
  • how much buyer interest it has attracted;
  • the vendor’s reason for selling;
  • the market’s position in the property cycle;
  • the local property market’s economic drivers;
  • planned development and land releases in the area; and
  • likely future housing demand.
Once the right properties are filtered through the Due Diligence process, we then will have a shortlist of properties for you to inspect and compare. 
buying a house as an investment property

3. Securing your Property

Acquire your property for the best possible price and terms 
 – Price negotiation with listing agent or vendor
 – Building and Pest Inspections
 – Pre-settlement Inspection 
– Property Management Services 
After you have selected the right property from our shortlist, we then move heaven and earth to acquire your property for the best possible price and terms. Our team is here working for you because we know that behind the Real Estate agent’s charming smile is a tough professional negotiator, trained to extract every last dollar from unsuspecting buyers. Our team will then submit a formal offer for the property and then begin the settlement process if the offer is accepted. This is the part where we make sure that the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. It’s important when you’re buying property, because of the amount of money and the number of people and organisations involved.
  • your solicitor/conveyancer
  • your finance provider
  • real estate agents
  • the local council
  • the property valuer and
  • the pest and building inspectors.
We make this often-stressful process for you easy because we talk their language, and we can translate it into plain English for you. As your buyers’ agent, we co-ordinate and supervise each stage of the settlement process, from the signing of the sales contract until settlement day. Lastly, if you require property management services we can find you trusted Property Management providers in the region to manage your asset.
If you would like the team at Capricorn Life to help you with your next purchase, please contact us today.