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Investing in capricorn

The property market

Central Queensland has traditionally been a haven for new and established investors from all across Australia. Investors are drawn to the Region usually in seek of usually high Rental Yields and to capitalise on mining booms. There are several Coastal and inland Towns and Communities across Central Queensland that are all at different stages of the property clock in addition to having their own unique economic drivers. Over the years many Investors have done poorly here and about the same number have done very well, don’t become the former. When investing in Regional Areas you need to get it right as we don’t have the same Economic Pillars and Growth drivers as our major cities. As your potential property investment advocate, asset selection across our Central Queensland Property Market will be highly dependent on your budget, risk profile and goals. 

Below is a sneak peak on the micro-Investment metrics will we consider for you:

– Asset Price

– Growth & Yield

– Location 

– Vacancy Rate

– Vendor Discounting Rates 

– Days on Market 

– Market Activity 

– Demographics 

Property Advisors Capricorn Region

Why Invest in Central Queensland - Macro

Population growth

According to ABS data the Capricorn Region has been having year-on-year population growth of approx. 2 per cent a year accounting for proximately 5200 new inbound residents. Population growth places upward pressure on existing housing stock driving up values and rent. The Capricorn Region will need approx. 2500 new dwellings built each year to cater for new arrivals. If the supply of new dwellings is continued to be outpaced by population growth – there will be a significant supply vs demand imbalance creating the perfect recipe for rental returns and valuations to rise. This is what happens in our major capital cities – the market rises, and falls based on the fundamentals of Supply and Demand causing house price pressure. This is what’s playing out in our regional markets. Now might be a good time to invest as people are leaving the cities trading balconies for backyards and moving here for lifestyle and jobs.

The region has already bottomed

In the early 2000s across Central Queensland the property market slumped to an all-time low as many big regional employers in the Construction, Mining and Tourism sector vacated. This of course meant that local jobs disappeared causing a lot of people who called this place home to leave.

 As a result this sent the Regional Property Market into a downward spiral. Vacancy rates skyrocketed to upwards of 15 per cent in some areas which lead to an oversupply of stock that then eroded property values and high yields. Towards the end of 2015 the tide began to turn. 

We have seen steady year-on-year price growth, vacancy rates drop to below 3 per cent, days on market drop by 70 per cent and vendor discounting. These are all clear signs that we have a recovering property market in Capricorn. This is a great time to invest to and capitalise – the time is now.

 This is a resilient regional economy that always finds a way to reinvent and revitalise itself, so if history does repeat itself which is rarely does any downside risk will be short lived.  

Industry Investment

The employment rate in Capricorn currently sit around 5.6% on par with the national average. This resilient Regional Economy is made up of many large industries including Mining, Agriculture, Tourism and Government Services. 

The Economic outlook for the region looks healthy and vibrant with investment committed for the next decade and beyond in Health, Agriculture, Energy, Tourism, Defence, Airports and of course Mining. The Rockhampton airport has been nominated by the Adani as a potential Fly-in Fly-out hub for the Central Queensland Mine – this would skyrocket housing demand in the region as these workers would need accommodation there. 

As a result of these investments into the Capricorn Region we are likely to see significant jobs growth across many industries. A strong jobs market will continue to underpin the property market prompting more demand for stock driving up rents and values. In addition, these investments will be rolled out over the next decade and beyond this means that the property market will not have volatile swings. It will create sustainable year-on-year house price growth for many years ahead.